Monday, December 31, 2007


How to live healthily?


肺经~服药效果最好 (Best time for medicine consumption)


肠经~吃水果排便顺 (Eat more fruit to prevent constipation)


胃经~一定要吃早餐 (Best time to take breakfast)


脾经~禁食辛辣刺激 (Avoid taking spicy food)


心经~适度午睡小休 (Good to take a nap)


小肠经~肠胃要休息 (Intestine need rest)


膀胱经~多喝水利排泄 (Drink more water for toilet)


肾经~工作完毕多休息 (Rest after work)


心包经~晚餐别太丰盛 (Avoid taking too heavy food)


三焦经~少喝水 (Not a good time to drink too much of water)


胆经~勿熬夜 (Avoid burning the mid night oil)


肝经~愉快入眠佳 (^o^ Zzzzz )


Enjoy healthy and beautiful life!

All the best!!!

How to maintain health? Refer to this link:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Date : 2nd Dec 2007
Time : 5.30am
Venue : Esplanade
Distance : 42.195K

Pictures proudly presented from LKW, Jason&Mike, Hon You, Eunice, KC&Sunshine,Chan Wing Kai, Tey and KP.

Raymond Lim(Myself)
Finally.. I manage to reach FULL MARATHON U -TURN(26KM)..

My gang: Cheng, Hoo, Taigo(KP)
We will never miss a chance to advertise Addidas.. =P

Eunice Leong
That's what I call refreshing...

Leong Kwan Weng
MACHO marathoner taking MACHO photo

You Boon Lian
See.. This is how you feel if you finish your own marathon..

Steven Leong(Red Shirt)
Enjoy the run like how you enjoy your life..

Jason Lee(Red) & Mike(Blue)
Time to prove our friendship, must get back together!!

Brief report:

We reached Singapore 1 day earlier(about 5.30am) so that we could have enough time to prepare and go jalan-jalan(as requested by someone). At night, we went to Orchard Road which is the most famous road in Singapore. It was so beautiful and colourful with lights, shopping centres and people. I was so amazed and really wanted to spend more time for visiting. Unfortunately, we had to go back room(Peninsular Hotel) and ZZZZ.. What else? Prepare for Full Marathon lah...

This was my 1st time joining Singapore Marathon. It was truly a well-organized event compared to... Can you imagine how strong and well-prepared was the organizer to handle about 40,000 over participants from all over the world during this marathon?? Well done for them!!

Although my timing was bad but I was satisfied of what I had achieved as I had kept my promise to pace someone from the beginning until the very end. You can check who was the person who dragged me along from the finishing photo..Hehe.. =P
However, a bit paiseh to my gang because they pia so much... =P

Well, from what I can see, people trying very hard to finish the run especially for those was 1st time joining full marathon. Actually this is the real spirit that we are looking forward.
Nobody wants to be a loser, only the loser himself will give up his own hope to succeed.

Health is your own wealth that cannot be bought. The only different between a loser and winner is the winner had made the 1st step to try. Try to become a runner, you might inspired by the joy of running.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


With courtesy from Tey
Date: 18 Nov 2007
Time: 7am(Flag -off)
Venue: Polo Ground, Ipoh
Category C:
1) Chua Sang Cheng 54:27 (17th)
2)Lee Tiong Hoo 57:29 (23rd)
3) Raymond Lim 1:13:46 (45th)
Category D:
Tan Kean Peng 53:26 (20th)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Gang

This is my running gang.
KP, SC and TH.

Happy Running

Many people have mistaken the TRUE MEANING OF RUNNING.
Some think that running is suffering, some might think that running is just for health.
Well, running is not just about health concern, it's also a part of training to face the real world.
The strong will of fighting obstacles can be instilled by running.
The stronger will you have, the tougher you are.
However, not all the people can last long.
It was a harsh time to crossover the starting moment.
No pain, no gain.
Once you get use to it, then ENJOY it and LOVE it!!